Grand Lake Telecommunications’ DSL Internet Service

PackageResidential Rate Per MonthBusiness Rate Per Month
Add Phone Service for a Bundle Credit Per Month
10 MB Package$60.00$70.00-$25.00
25 MB Package$80.00$85.00-$25.00

Installation Charge – $185
Installation is waived for customers that sign a 1 year service agreement.

Enjoy streaming content or online gaming?
Check out speed requirements for the most popular online services on our Internet speed recommendations.


Because internet service is so important in today’s world, Grand believes everyone should have access to it. The Federal Communications Commission and the Oklahoma Corporation Commission have established a program called Lifeline to make basic internet service more affordable to eligible customers. Lifeline is available here at Grand. Please call our office at 918.253.4231 to find out more about this program or visit

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