Internet Service

PackageDownload Speeds Up ToPrice Per MonthData Only - Price Per Month
Silver6 MB$35.00$65.00
Gold15 MB$45.00$75.00
Platinum20 MB$50.00$80.00
Platinum Plus25 MB$65.00$95.00

Installation Charge – $185
Installation is waived for customers that sign a 1 year service agreement.

Enjoy streaming content or online gaming?
Check out speed requirements for the most popular online services on our Internet speed recommendations.

DSL Modem or Wireless Router Maintenance Plan – $2.00/mo. each or $3.00/mo. for both
With our new DSL Modem Maintenance Plan, Grand Lake Telecommunications (GLT) will replace any modem purchased through GLT. Your current 90-day manufacturer’s warranty does NOT cover lighting damage, but with the DSL Modem Maintenance Plan, it is! When covered, just call us and we will come out to replace the modem at NO CHARGE to you.

  • Contact the Helpdesk with DSL problems: Local 918-253-3401 or Toll Free: 877-385-3689
  • Grand Lake Telecommunications employees are not authorized to work on a customer’s computer.
  • Install to modem only, networking/routers is (are) a customer responsibility
  • Labor Cost $1.00 per minute for installation of CAT Wiring – $0.15 per foot (will run from NID box to modem)
  • May take 24 hours for e-mail to start after DSL is installed.
  • A serviceman will contact customer to set up a time and date to install DSL.
  • A $25.00 service charge will be billed, to the customer, upon any technical difficulties caused by the customer
  • VIRUSES-GLT has the authority to disconnect service if your computer causes server issues
    (viruses/Trojans/worms/etc.) and will be kept off until you have your computer serviced and cleaned. After 60 days your service will be permanently disconnected. If this is during 1 to 3 years of your agreement, the $185.00 install fee will be billed on a prorated basis, on your final bill.

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