About Grand Telephone Company, Inc.

Grand Telephone Company, Inc. (Grand) is an independent local exchange company that provides local telephone service for the Jay, OK and Disney, OK exchanges. Grand’s service area is south of Grand Lake in Northeast Oklahoma in Delaware and Mayes counties. Grand has been in business as an Oklahoma corporation since 1956. Grand has two subsidiaries: OMNI III Cable T.V., Inc. (OMNI) and GTC, Inc. (GTC). OMNI provides cable T.V. for the towns of Jay, OK and Disney, OK, and has its Grand Lake Telecommunications division that provides high speed broadband Internet access through fiber network to both exchanges. GTC is a long distance provider that serves the Jay and Disney exchanges.

Grand has been very proactive in updating and upgrading its buried plant and with the influx of ice storms and tornados over the last few years, is in the process of converting any remaining aerial plant to buried plant. This will ensure a reliable network in even the most extreme weather. Grand has fiber plant to the node and is planning to extend fiber to the home within the city limits of Jay and Disney in the future to meet the demand for higher broadband speeds. Grand recently invested in a new soft switch that will enable lower cost maintenance as well as a more robust switch to offer more possibilities to the customer. As a small company in a high-cost area, Grand offers reliable telephone service and broadband capability to 100% of the Jay, OK and Disney, OK exchanges that are served in Delaware and Mayes counties.

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